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Where can I buy a "No Heels" sign? The reason why is....?

We have wooden floors and we are letting our apartment. Therefore we do not want the tenants to ruin the floor. we have seen a sign - picture of a ladies high heeled shoe with a red line through it.....but we don't where to buy one from. Thanks.

Where can I buy a "No Heels" sign? The reason why is....?
Good luck enforcing that one
Reply:Make your own sign! I've attached a link to a pic with a high heel with a diagonal line through it....use MS Word or Photoshop or any photo editing software and just add whatever words you want to it. Then print it out on a color printer and go to a FedEx/Kinko's shop and have it laminated.

Of course, just because you put up this sign, there's no law that says people can't walk around your rented apartment with heels....unless you specify it on the rental contract.
Reply:Sorry u are in a rude awakening.

figure on refinishing ur floors.

cause a 'no high heel' clause will not make ur place lease able nor will it hold up in courts.

just figure on refinishing floors.
Reply:try a hard ware store
Reply:I can tell you now, you can't do that.

That is illegal to require someone to remove their shoes..that falls under "lifestyle" there are some religions that do/do not remove their shoes for various reasons.

If you want to protect the floors, buy area rugs.

You can't buy one, you'll have to pay to have one custom made, but there is no point to it.

If you are THAT paranoid about the apartment being damaged, then renting IS NOT for you. You will have damages of some type...that is part of renting.

You think high heels are the only thing that will ruin a floor? How about spilled liquids, wrong cleaners, dropping heavy things, scooting furniture that will mar it moving furniture in and out, etc.

PS: Just because you put it in the rental contract does NOT equal legal. Too many Yahoo "wannabe" lawyers spitting out that very incorrect advice.
Reply:Try Searching the internet for "no high heels sign"

Also try a graphics search.
Reply:You can't do that. Why don't you just put carpet in there or buy area rugs?
Reply:Put it in the lease and tell them verbally.


What do you think about these heels?

Do you like them?

Should I wear them with skirt or capri?

What do you think about these heels?
Classic and timeless! Skirts would look sexy and fun, and dress it down with black (or any other color I guess) pants.

Good Luck and Hope I helped!
Reply:oh baby those are some hot heels. skirt%26gt; but hey I'm a dude so don't take my word for it.

Also, that model has beautiful feet %26amp; ankles. If your feet and ankles are uglier than hers, don't buy them.
Reply:those are some awesome shoes!! %26lt;3 u could wear them with anything really!!! %26lt;33
Reply:I don't like the straps around the ankles. Keep shopping.
Reply:They're very nice! They'd go with both, but remember to colour coordinate. ;)
Reply:They don't look nice to me keep looking
Reply:Those look great! You can wear them with a skirt, dress, capris,

and lingerie for the boyfriend's pleasure. If you are a preteen

then disregard the lingerie comment.
Reply:Those are cute!!! I would think skirt first but they would work with capries and a dress top too.
Reply:Super Cute!!!! buy them NOW!!! your legs will look great in them, you could rock them with a skirt or capris depending on the top!!!
Reply:You could wear them with either!
Reply:I would wear them with black leather skirt
Reply:From a man's point of view. wear them with a short skirt.
Reply:You asked and I say No I do not like them, they remind me of cheap shoes you would wear to a wedding
Reply:Those shoes are fantastic. Wear them with both skirts and capris.

skin rash

Is it fair for women to wear high heels if the guy is short?

I wonder how Tom cruise used to feel when married to Nicole Kidman?... allegedly it was said that he hated it so she would wear lower heeled shoes.

My man's tall, and i love my heels.

Is it fair for women to wear high heels if the guy is short?
Yes, now will come over here and walk on my back with those please, hehehe.
Reply:Oh myyyyyy, if you only knew what you did to me!!! Report It

Reply:..oh rebel one!...i have to wear my heels...i luv them soo...

..and usually, i wont date someone who is shorter than me..

..i heard tom cruise is gay? that true?
Reply:tom cruise is a d*ck and i'm glad that nicole dumped him. if a guy can't so out with a tall women and feel bad then she needs to dump him too. i know guys that love tall women .. the taller the better. but that does'nt mean that shorter women are any different ..its what ever turns you on.

note: i'm tall
Reply:I guess if their in love it doesnt matter, does it?

I had relationships based on the superficial, you might lose out on a wonderful relationship searching for suitable height...
Reply:i love tall elegent women and as for high heels yeah baby and im a wheelchair user!!
Reply:I am about 2 inches taller than my boyfriend. He actually likes it when I wear heels because he thinks I am sexy in high heels
Reply:Tom's a freak, but yes if your taller than your man-don't wear heels. Be nice to your Hobbits...
Reply:I love it when the sheila is taller than me; it's a huge turn on.
Reply:Yes I guess it is fair but they shouldn't do it if it makes the guy feel uneasy...

for some reason...
Reply:i think its pretty awkward.. my ex bf was d same my height so i never wore high heels coz i dnt want him 2 look shorter than me....
Reply:I think it's fine. He shouldn't be so self conscious. But I'm short, so it's not hard to be taller than me.
Reply:lol, no. I would rather see a short man next to a tall woman than two persons of the same size and... same type of shoes, lmao!
Reply:I used to be in a relationship with a guy an inch taller than myself and yes, I felt it was unfair to tower over him, mainy because he was only 5"3 anyway so most people towered over him and as his girlfriend I felt it was a nice gesture to be the one looking up to him as opposed to down!
Reply:women should ALWAYS wear high heels REGUARDLESS of how tall the guy is...
Reply:My husband is the same height as me, being 5"4". At first, I felt funny towering over him and I'd wear flat shoes. However, I love my high heels so I currently wear them again. It doesn't bother me anymore.
Reply:Don't give up your heels. Only insecure men will not like them. Whats the big deal if your taller then the man? I don't get that!

I thought only size mattered....(LOL).....:o)
Reply:Yes, it is. It isn't the woman's fault if her man is short. If Tom Cruise minded her, he shouldn't have married her.
Reply:Yes, it is
Reply:Tom could have brought platforms back!
Reply:tom cruise felt inadequate. as he should.
Reply:tall women rock!!
Reply:short men and higheels do not mix!


High heels shoes or flat shoes?


High heels shoes or flat shoes?
I can't walk in flat shoes, they make me feel like a nothing.

My body was designed for high heels and I love them.
Reply:High ones when im feeling sexy, flats when i want comfort
Reply:Flats! I wore heels for too many years while working as a waitress and I managed to wreck both my achilles tendons. I still wear heels for outings, maybe once every couple months, but I do yoga soon after so it doesn't flare up (down dog with knees bent seems to give the best stretch). For my wedding, I had a major flare up a month before, my tendons were swollen wider than my ankle bones so I had to wear slippers and I have permanent scar tissue around them so my pretty ankles I was trying to show off are ruined!
Reply:heels :) i reccomend the Coach ones, so hot!
Reply:Flats....they're just more comfortable! And by the way, you can feel just as sexy in a pair of flats, yo. ;)
Reply:High heels are always sexy!!
Reply:high heels!!!
Reply:Flats!!! While high heels are waaaaaaaaaay more sexy, I start to die in them after an hour, so I stick to flats. lol
Reply:I htink it depens on what your going to. More casual should be flats with a cute dress so they are more comfertible. To a more high class place or dressed up place go with high heels they look better.
Reply:High heels because they are sexy and they make me feel sexy
Reply:It depends on the outfit I'm wearing. I prefer to be comfortable either way, but some outfits look better depending on the type shoe you pair with it.
Reply:I really think this depends on the occassion..
Reply:flats, i'm 5'10";...
Reply:flat because they are so much more comfortable and practical.
Reply:Flat shoe, I love crocs they are kinda ugly but they are so comfy and they come in all different can get a pair for every day of the week!
Reply:High heels because I am short and I look kute in them...(I think)
Reply:high heels because they're sexy!
Reply:flats because they are more comfortable
Reply:my legs like the heels, but my feet love the flats
Reply:heels...I'm 5' 1" i need all the help i can get especially when my fiance is 6'
Reply:flats. more comfortable, and easier to walk around in. and i just like them better
Reply:high heels, because they turn are sexy and make me feel sexy.
Reply:use heels to look cute lol the bring so cute flats just in case lol yor feet startin to hurt lol
Reply:flats..............more comfortable!
Reply:HEELS!!! cos they are sexxxxxxy. Plus you walk more femininely in heels.
Reply:flat shoes r easier to walk around in

high heels if ur goin for the dressy luk

majorly dependz on ur outfit

but then again thats jus my opinion

gud luck


Reply:I can only wear flats coz I have back problems. They're cool %26amp;%26amp; a lot less chavvy. Better for everyday use aswell.
Reply:Flats.. easier to walk in and more comfortable.. can do more things in them too.
Reply:High heels, need the height *lol*
Reply:High heels!!

.....because that's what I'm in the mood for..........

Tory Burch is my favorite.


Do u think that i could wear these heels with these shorts?

I'm 16 im a size 12-14 i dont have very tonned and tanned legs but there not that bad.



Do u think that i could wear these heels with these shorts?
The shorts may be a little short for those. A lower heel would be better
Reply:Not being nasty hun- but- Noooo!!

Don't wear those shoes with those shorts! Dolly shoes would look nice, or even a smart pair of trainers, but I don't think any heeled shoes would look right with those shorts!!

But if you like it then wear it!! :D x
Reply:yes, with one of those tops that looks like a waistcoat with no back, in black, would look great

Reply:They remind me of combat boots, heavy and awkward. You need something lighter and more feminine. I would go for an open toe mule witi a heel of about 2".
Reply:yeah, u go for it!

love the shoes..!
Reply:nope u need dressier type of shorts 2 go wi the shoes.

flat shoes would go betr wi those shorts

im a personal stylist at topshop by the way
Reply:No way! Sorry =]
Reply:Nooo, i dont think those shorts were ment to be worn with heels and the coulors dont go... i think a cute pare of black shots would go really well though xxx
Reply:Well the shorts are really casual and the heels are not so I dont think it will go.

small shorts and hills it's a no no, unless u r a stripper!
Reply:yer you could get away with wearing them go to boots or superdrug and buy some fake tan
Reply:Those shoes are awful. I'm sorry but I'm being honest. Opt for a sexier style by Guess.

And Instead of brownish-black shorts, get actual black shorts. The brown tone in the shorts you own may make the shorts look like they used to be black, but the color got distorted somehow. Black shorts are much hotter.
Reply:I'm all for heels with shorts but these two shades clash so don't do it...These shorts would look lovely with gladiator sandals however or a different colour heel :)
Reply:I think those shoes are too high and too clunky to wear with shorts. You'd be better off with cute open shoes, maybe a little heel. Flats are better though.

I like the shorts and the shoes are lovely...just maybe not together.


Really need help finding a certain style of shoe...?

...either in a store in Central California or online. I need a white peep-toe sling-back high-heeled shoe, a look from the 1940s or 50s (I think). Please, nothing more than a 3" heel and the more affordable it is, the better! Something that looks like Lucille Ball would've wore it. I have a very vintage looking dress that absolutely requires this shoe and I really need help, any provided will be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!

Really need help finding a certain style of shoe...?
Google. places like topshop and dorothy perkins are good for things like that!
Reply:Well if live in Alabama try Julie's it's next door to MSN tattoo.
Reply:There is a good website called where you can buy all kinds of shoes, and alot of the time the shipping is free.
Reply:search on ebay... they have everything!
Reply:gogo boots


Red Shoe hanging from neighbors front door knob?! What does this mean?

So I live in a townhouse, and my neighbor is a young woman about 25. She lives alone. I don't know for sure if she works, because I never really see her come or go at any normal intervals. Every once in awhile, she will hang a red high heeled shoe (kind of like an ornament on a string) from her front door knob. It will hang their for about a week or so, and then it disappears for awhile. What does this mean?

Red Shoe hanging from neighbors front door knob?! What does this mean?
0o0o how wierd. maybe is is a modern version of the redlight!

Reply:They are a dancer
Reply:Sounds to me like she is being paid for that red shoe hanging.

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