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High heels with very slippery sole - I slide when I walk on carpet. How to fix this?

Hello, I just purchased some lovely high heels shoes. Unfortunately, the sole on the ball of the shoe is really slippery, I slide when I walk on carpet and it is not much better on tiles or floorboards. Can I do something to fix this? Like some coarse sand paper? Or should I leave it with the professionals and get a shoe repairer to fix it.


High heels with very slippery sole - I slide when I walk on carpet. How to fix this?
I had this problem with a pair of stilettos i bought.

Take them to the shoe repair place, get them to replace the bottom part of your shoe with rubber.

You can't tell anything is different, it still looks really good and its so super grippy you can run in them!
Reply:Bring them to a shoe repair place and they'll put on a rubber sole for you. It's pretty inexpensive too. My sister did this with a pair of boots and it helps a lot. I wouldn't advise sandpaper - I used to work in a shoe shop and saw one or two girls that did that and it doesn't really work, it just roughens the appearance a bit.
Reply:If you look in the shoe section, they have various things that will fix this. The little tap like things that are nailed on, like Target. One of my friends swears by taping them...gorilla glue tape, in the hardware section..LOL

If in doubt go and visit the shoe repair and ask about options.

Hope this helps : )
Reply:There's no need to mess with sandpaper. The first thing to do is just to walk around on a not-too-polished concrete surface for a little while, like a regular sidewalk, occasionally perhaps doing a little pirouette on the offending ball of your foot. If that doesn't work, THEN do the more drastic things.
Reply:Option 1 is to make the soles rougher with sand paper, a file or course flooring etc. Option 2 is for a tailors or shoe shop to add rubber soles.
Reply:You can buy self-stick sole grippers for a quick fix. It helps with the sliding on new shoes before you really break them in.
Reply:I've had the same problem with my shoes. Bakers Shoes has awesome adhesive, non-slip pads. You attach them to the bottom of your shoes and viola! They work miracles. They're inexpensive too.

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