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High Heels Flop On My Feet Need Suggestions?

Every pair of heels that I own always flop or come off of my heel when I walk. It seems to me that I have high arched feet and that the pumps are too low on the heel for them to stay on. The sizing is correct but they all do this I have even tried going down a size and it still happens. So are there any high heel shoes that have a deeper heel area where they won't flop when I walk?

High Heels Flop On My Feet Need Suggestions?
You can get - and I'm totally not kidding about this - a pad that will cling to your foot to place in your shoe. You also might explore strappy shoes
Reply:Try a shoe with a strap, like a mary-jane style.
Reply:They have these insert w/ adhesive on one side that you can put in certain position in your shoes to keep you from sliding or flopping.. Ive seen them almost everywhere, couple times in Avon, Im sure a grocery store... they have them for you heels and for under your toes...
Reply:Had the same i started buying heels that had a strap around the ankle.then after i got used to them i bought heels that didnt have straps.get one to fit your foot perfectly, not too small and not too need to find the exact size for your foot, if i do have a pair of heels that tend to "flop" around like a crazy fish out of water i just drag my heels while im walking.its what all my friends do and if that doesnt work - stuff tissue down near the toe!!
Reply:They make pad things you can put in the heel. Like a foot pad but, they go in the upper heel part. I live in high heels and I use them in every pair I own. They are pretty cheap and just help to make the shoe a little more snug. So no more flopping!


Wearing heels and protecting the ankle?

I'm a high heeled shoes virgin - I'm used to trainers or ridiculously high heeled boots. My problem is that because one foot is a size bigger than the other, one foot invariably gets rubbed by the shoe until my heel/ankle is cut up and killing me. What products are available for that? Do they make things that you can stick on for protection? I'd wear tights/socks but that's not an option in the middle of summer!

Do excuse my naivety.

Wearing heels and protecting the ankle?
Go to your local phamacy- Dr.Scholls has tons of products- they have a spray that makes your foot rub less, so no blisters, they have cushion pads (like bandaids with extra stuff) that have gel that protect areas that are prone to blisters etc. Check it out! Also when you go out take some stuff with you in case your feet get sore and you can save your feet for the night- I love heels! Trust me I know! You can also buy heel grips and inserts so that if you bought the size that fit your biggest foot you can make the other one fit too- that could cause you less pain?
Reply:hey, i know just how you feel i had the same problem.

i found these special little squidgy pads that can stick to your feet anywhere you like, they are found at a supermarket or chemist, they cost around 15 dollars, and they can be washed and re-used!!! what a bargain. i hope i have helped!!
Reply:Try Heavenly Heelz by Foot Petals. You stick 'em on the back of your heels, right where the shoe would normally cut into the backs of your ankles. Works wonders ;)


Ladies, decide: high heels or flat shoes?

As the self proclaimed dictator of Ayrania, I have decided to ban one of the above. So I am holding a referendum: flat shoes or high heels? Make your ultimate decision.

Ladies, decide: high heels or flat shoes?
Hmmmm this is a hard one to answer...I Love both, but if it comes down to the ultimate decision...I just have to go with my HEELS..
Reply:high heels
Reply:ban heels... can you imagine a world without flats?? *shudders*
Reply:flat shoes girl because im tall... hehehe.. i cant wear heels , flat is also comfortable....
Reply:I use both depending on the occasion. But of course for everyday use, I prefer flats. So, if one's to be banned, it's high heels.
Reply:ban flat shoes

long live Ayrania :P
Reply:High heels please your Majesty.
Reply:High heels of course!!

Excuse me your majesty but I am short as it is..I need my high heels :D
Reply:Excuse me, why don't you ask us men what we think about it too? I think we too should have a say as to which one looks good on ladies.

I personally prefer thin high heels (stiletto). They look so feminine.

p.s. who reported me for welcoming Irmak? what was wrong with that question?
Reply:flat shoes...

(when i see i woman with high heels, she looks weird to me when trying to walk with them.. knees lose its shape.. and also i heard its not healty to wear daily)
Reply:Flat shoes.

Converse forever ;-)
Reply:High heels till death!
Reply:Flat shoes - so much more comfortable and you can actually run with them without being worried plus you don't look ridiculous when you can't walk in those high heels!
Reply:high heels high heels high heels! (you should read it like sports match:))

hey don't look at me like that!

i love them. please can they stay?
Reply:Flats. I can't walk EVERY SINGLE DAY wearing high heels. They're great for special occasions and when you want to be all dressed up, but not to wear casually.
Reply:High heels.
Reply:i like high heels but flat shoes have more benefits... i'd say ban the high heels
Reply:Women must have Flat heels but not flat tops ;)

but why don't we keep both in case we date a short guy or go jogging and need flats.
Reply:High Heels ofcourse,makes ur legs look elegant!!

High heels for high hopes lol


Q for girls: Do all high heels hurt feet?

I'm a guy and I have a question for all the ladies out there. When my female colleagues complain about wearing high heels hurt their feet, is that because it's a bad pair of shoes or pretty much all high heels just hurt anyway? Does the heel have to reach a certain height for it to hurt or it's more due to the shape/material of most high heel shoes? And if you happen to be a lady who wears high heels all the day, what do you do to relieve this problem?

P.S. I don't pay extra attention to women's feet/shoes. Don't take me wrong, hehe. This is a question out of pure curiosity.

Q for girls: Do all high heels hurt feet?
I knew a girl who wore then and they said it was like walking on razors.

The foot is raised unnaturally and the pressure and placed on the ball, which strains the arch.

This also throws the hips and lower back out of alignment, causes zones of pain.

High heels are just another torture device imposed on women
Reply:Not all high heels hurt.You need to buy a pair that fits and is made well. If high heels fit well and are broken in you can wear them all day. Sore feet after being in 4 inch heels all day is normal. Report It

Reply:No- not all high heels hurt. They don't hurt if they fit correctly. This means, first and foremost, getting the right size AND the right width. The second consideration is the basically the "architecture" of the shoe -- do the straps cut into your feet, is there a buckle that digs into your ankle, does it cut off the circulation to your pinky toe, does it rub a blister the size of a half-dollar on your heel ... that kind of thing. It's a hit or miss thing. I only have 3 or 4 pairs of heels that I can wear form more than 6 hours. The rest of them were purchased for vanity, not comfort. Guys are so dang lucky.
Reply:There are differences in comfort, but all high heels will hurt your feet throughout the day ( and by your, I mean our).

The weight of your body is placed primarily on the ball of your foot all day. a touch uncomfy. ad straps and things that rub or cut into you, and it gets worse.

but they look fabulous, make our legs appear longer, and enrich our confidence. Worth the sacrifice?
Reply:Yes, most high heels do hurt your feet. The amount of hurt depends on four factors, the height of the heel, the type of heel, the make of the shoe, and of course how long you wear them. Generally heels two inches or less are considered comfortable and can pretty much be worn all day. 3 inches and higher starts to put a strain on the foot as well as the back. Next the type of heel: The skinnier the heel the more pain. This is because a skinny heel has very little surface area, and your entire weight ends up supported on a little stick. Chunky square or platform shoes of equal height are far more comfortable. You can generally wear them all day long too. The make of the shoe can also affect comfort levels. Higher end shoe manufactuers tend to put more resources and technology into their shoes. They study the ergonomics of the foot, and invest more in materials that don't pinch or cut and allow the foot to breathe.

If a woman must wear heels long term, a good idea is to invest in quality shoes that provide as much comfort as possible. Also you can strengthen the arches of your feet by rolling them over a tennis ball, the stronger your feet and ankels are the less strain from the heels. (For ankels you turn them in clock and counter clock circles... as though you are drawing circles with your toes.) Other ways to relieve stress in the feet include massage, elevating the feet, and soaking them in a warm, scented foot bath.

And by the way I don't think your weird for asking :)
Reply:All high heels hurt.
Reply:They do make your feet sore after a while. Basicly every high heel shoe hurts. However you can find pairs every now and then that just feel great.
Reply:No, not all high heels hurt. I am 67 years old, and I still wear heels to church on Sundays and to dress-up parties and weddings. However, no more spike heels for me. The ones I wore Sunday were made by Aerosoles and the heels are about 2 1/2 ". I NEVER wore spike heels all day to work. Grams
Reply:platform heels do not hurt very much...

however those that have a thin back holding up the heel are really painful. so it just depends, also you learn to get used to wearing heels pretty fast.
Reply:There are some heels that are made of a harder material and its the force of the heel against the ground that causes the pain. I wear heels made of a hard rubber, and my feet never hurt at the end of the day.

Some heels pinch, are too tight and some heels don't hurt at all. It really depends on how long you wear them and how well they fit. I also have fallen arches so flat shoes bother me more than heels do

hope that helps
Reply:They hurt if you walk for a long time. I walked through disneyland with it and when I got to my hotel and took a bubble bath, the bubbles turned red because my feet were bleeding!

If you want to know how to prevent it, use Band-Aids blister preventer, which looks like deoderant. Put it on before you step on a high heel!
Reply:Not ALL high heels hurt. I really does depend on the material they are made of and the quality. Sometimes, the highest heels can be more comfy than lower heels. But I don't wear heels all day, but if I did, I would go and get massages at least once a week.

Reply:Not all high heels hurt, but if they don't fit exactly right or if you don't know how to walk in them not only will your feet hurt, but so will your lower back.

I have had 4 inch heels that feel like bedroom slippers, and 1 inch heels that made my feet feel like they were on fire. Its all relative to the pair of shoes %26amp; how the person walks in them.
Reply:Yes, but they have the stuff from Dr. Scholls, so wearing heels can feel more comfortable.
Reply:Well almost all of them do unless theres some sort of special padding i them. But when i wear high heals they do hurt al the time. Even when you break them in
Reply:not at all but i might get blisters b.c the materials suck and it hurts after a while though because we are on our toes leaning foward and all that weight is being pushed to the front

i have a high arch for my feet so i enjoy wearing heels because they look so cute and when my feet are flat on the ground they look fat and my toes are really seperated but not when i wear heels

women with flat feet can handle it and 3 or 4 inches is fine for me
Reply:Once you get used to wearing them, they should not hurt other than if you've been wearing them all day long. Heels over 4.5 inches are difficult to wear because they are so high - however, most regular footwear is around 3-4 inches. I wear heels all the time and have no problems at all as long as the shoes/boots themselves are well made. Some women's heeled shoes/boots are poorly designed - if you look at the shoe itself you can see it straight away - they are not the correct shape for your foot and almost 'tilt' you forwards. I think this is just crappy design. This type of footwear is a killer and your feet ache more or less straight away after putting them on. Next time you come across somebody suffering ask to have a look at the shoe itself - you can see straight away if it's not the right shape. I cannot say exactly what is wrong with the shape, it's just not quite right. Of course, squeezing your feet into anything that is too narrow or not the right size is going to hurt but I wear my boots all day long (and they have a 4.5" heel) and barely even notice them). I hope this helps.
Reply:Not if they are made right, and those usually cost more than $200, I watch a lot of what not to wear and they have comfortable high heels always costing them up to $400. I'll never have any :(
Reply:Well it really matters how high the heel is. if it's not that high than it wont hurt, and if it does then they are just uncomfortable shoes. High heels hurt because you are on your toes for hours. Imagine having to walk/stand on your toes for hours at one time, it just hurts. Hope this helped.
Reply:nope not all heels hurt

if they're high they should get shoes that have a hidden platform

or buy the jellys that you out on the soles of your shoes

Reply:if they are good designer ones then you never have a problem unless they are crazy tall and you stand alot, i have never have a problem unless i walk around all day, like when i'm shopping, i wore marc jacobs heels to school today and not a single problem
Reply:no duh it hurts, if it doesn't hurt we'd be much shorter
Reply:Any shoe over 2" hurts eventually and are harmful because they through the body forward. Very high heels (stilettos) are the worse. Platform shoes are a bit more comfortable because they give more balance.


Flat shoes, no heels for a very large womens foot?

Does anyone know a site for a flat shoe in a size 14ww or 15w? Thanks!

Flat shoes, no heels for a very large womens foot?
Here are some

Reply:Try Tall Clothing Mall's women's shoe page.

maintenance repairs

T Strap Mary Jane shoe with chunky heel?! HELP!!!?

I am driving myself crazy trying to find a specific shoes I recently saw on someone! It was a T Strap Mary Jane with a chunky heel, looked like a steve madden or Unlisted. The toe was rounded, a little bubbly. It was a dress shoe in black. Any ideas?

It looked SIMILAR to this one but toe was rounder, and heel was lower....


T Strap Mary Jane shoe with chunky heel?! HELP!!!?
Reply:Very cute. But it'll be really hard to pinpoint that exact shoe. I would recommend checking out Here is a list of search results for "mary janes":

I didn't see one with at T strap. That sounds like a dance shoe. But there are plenty here that are super cute and with chunky heel.

I hope you find what you're looking for!


Complaint /high heels/ too pointy these days?

I hate the pointy closed toed high heel shoes of today's current fashion. I would love to find the closed toed high heel shoes that were normal looking during the 80s and 90s. But I can't find them anymore in any store and it really bothers me. I see oprah wear these pointy witch shoes all the time. I hate them and I think they are so ugly. I don't get why so many women like the look of these. I wish they would stop making them. I just want to be able to find a simple black closed toe high heel shoe that looks normal. sincerely frustrated.

Complaint /high heels/ too pointy these days?
Pointed toes are my absolute favorite.

Exactly what kind do you want? When I go shopping, I see more round, square and barely pointed ones than I do super-pointed (unfortunately for me).

If you don't mind online shopping, this might have something you want.
Reply:Try Ebay and dont complain so is too short!!!
Reply:There's a lot to be said for being fashionable, but there's even more to be said for hurting feet. Those type of pointed toed shoes will eventually hurt your feet. They will cause bunions if they are worn too much. I agree with you, they need to also come up with a fashionable shoe, but that is comfortable to wear. Did you ladies know that when you wear only a two inch heal your calf's get a better workout than with a higher heal?
Reply:I only like round-toed heels because my legs are too shapely for those types of shoes (and my toes aren't made for those damn things!). The round ones I can find at Payless and even those are hard to find unless you go to an obscure location AND during back-to-school time. I understand your frustration because those pointy shoes are ugly as f**k! LOL


In the Same Boat
Reply:u dont no fashion sweety get a gud look at da cl0thes from da 80'z UGLY 100% ugly

fashion these day hot hot hot hot hot
Reply:Yeah I hate them too. What kind of high heeled shoes are you looking for? Have you tried,,, Good luck.
Reply:They are so ugly, remind me of the shoes the Wicked Wich in "Wizard of Oz" wore. They need to go.
Reply:Hello Casey, I am in complete agreement with you! I too hate those pointy heels. I buy mine off of a website -

They have a great selection of heels and most are the way you and I prefer them. The prices are good to!

Good luck
Reply:im more of a rounded toe person! =) The pointy ones are (gag) for whores and prostitues.
Reply:People wear them becuase it always draws attention to the woman's newly shaved legs.
Reply:i luv the style and i use drscholls so its comfy so im fine with it and i wear it with skinny jeans but i m not too atractied to the closed toed one
Reply:they r in fashion and hot, i hated them at first, just wear flip flops or sneakers or wait for this trend to change. look hard i kno ull find the types of shoes u like

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New shoes rub my heels raw?

I just bought a pair of New Balance shoes (my favorite brand).

I walk around campus alot and they have rubbed the heels of my feet so much that there are now bloody sores. (gross I know)

Any suggestions on what I should do?

Will it go away after they are more broken in?

Would it be better to tighten or loosen the laces?

New shoes rub my heels raw?
They sell heel inserts at Dillard's. You just stick them on the heel part of the shoe %26amp; they're comfy.

I have them in every pair of my shoes. They're only like $6.
Reply:Put a small clothe, in your socks, and outside your socks!
Reply:It could be that your shoes are too loose. Try putting Dr. Scholes shoes inserts inside your shoes to take up some room.
Reply:I suggest that you exchange them for a slightly bigger size. You could also buy some pairs of very comfortable socks so that the rubbing will not be so painful. Sometimes shoes are just not very comfortable for a specific person's feet and there is nothing that you can do to the shoes.

Many women have that really uncomfortable pair of shoes but they really like it. They walk everywhere with them and then their feet hurt like hell. Maybe that is your problem.
Reply:it's harder to do on the plastic shoes, but for the good leather shoes as soon as I buy them (they better be ones I really liked), I pour some water in the tub and walk around in there for a while and stretch them out (if I plan to do a lot of walking in them) till they sound gooshy and then I let them dry.

In past years I knew people who lived thru the depression and their feet were all out of shape cause they had to wear ill fitting shoes and I swore I'd never have mine look like that.

Sometimes either (my/your) heel doesn't sit high enough because the shoe doesn't have enough padding. And you can solve that by pulling up the solepiece and adding some lift to it and then re-gluing the solepiece.

Other times it's the rim that hurts, and in that case I get out the hammer and pound on it till it feels good.

But you have to decide first if you really want to work out the problem or not...If not then simply return the shoes (while wearing flip flops) to the store as they may give you a due bill for a different pair (when your heels have healed).

Neosporine quickly heals rubs that have become infected. You can't really put bandaids on some places on the feet, and you can't walk with bandaids in shoes because that makes it worse. So I suggest you wear sandals for a few days till the rub heals.

I have to admit that I never wear socks in shoes because they fold over and rub and make a soreor get holes in the socks too easily (can't afford that), so I either wear hose or I use babypowder in the shoes to make my feet slick in them. Sure it's real slick for a little while but that slick wears off.
Reply:You have too much friction.. Pad the affected area.. Keep it clean as you are at risk for infection. with any open areas. Loosen up the shoe laces. Return the shoes.. Examine to make sure you have the appropriate size.. sometimes shoe companys sizes vary. and you may not initially realize that they're not fitting you the way shoes normally do. If indeed they are of correct sizing..maybe even try the shoe again with the exact new pair. Couldve been a flaw with the first pair.
Reply:wear 2 pair of socks. and use foot power until u break in ur new shoes!
Reply:are u wearing socks with them? the same thing happens to me everytime I get new shoes you should break them in and walk around your house a few times that should work...... put a band-aid over your bloody sores(ewwwwwwwwww)
Reply:there are special gel bandages that reduce friction and allow your heels to heal. save up for some better shoes.
Reply:wear really thick socks. it might get better after broken in.

good luck.
Reply:take them to a shoe maker to get streched
Reply:i would wear socks ( if you're not already ) and if you're not, i put small folded up tissues where ever the blisters are, but after an hour or so ( if you've been walking a lot ) you have to change them out because they slip a lot.

most shoes stop doing that after you break them in, but i have this one pair that hasn't stopped doing that and i got them fall of 2006.

you probably want to loosen the laces. on my sperry's thye sometimes give me blisters or feel like they are going to. i usually loosen the laces as much as i can without tripping.

good luck!!
Reply:either socks or a bandaide (if you're poor like me...LOL) where it's rubbing you... or both.
Reply:Hmm, when that happens, i put bandaids on the feet to prevent further rubbing. Most of the time, I just stick the bandaids on right away before breaking in new shoes. The rubbing should go away after you break them in =]
Reply:they are to big the best thing to do is soak them in water and wear them to fit your feet properly
Reply:This happens to me so much :/ If it's that bad, it probably won't go away. But if it's ok enough that you can walk without wanting to kill yourself, give it another week and put bandaids on your heels in the meantime. The shoes I have now hurt for a few days but now they're fine.
Reply:put a band aid on the inside of the heel of the shoe for a little extra cussion
Reply:You can get them stretched. Also mole hair patches cut down on the rubbing.
Reply:It will never stop. Go to the foot section of the drug store and get the cushion corn pads. They are like little gelly things. Put them over your heels to protect the skin. The shoes will never change but calluses will build up on your heels making them tougher.

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Quick fix for heel coming out of shoe please!!?

I bought a really cute pair of shoes and my heel keeps coming out of my shoe with every other step it seems like. I tried the smaller size but it was too small. Now, i have a meeting in 30 mins and i dont want to walk in tripping on my shoe... anyone have a quick fix? should i stuff TP in the toes? Will that help?

Quick fix for heel coming out of shoe please!!?
Buy some faux paux suede heel cups at any drug store, like Scholls products.
Reply:Put something between your shoe besides TP, as the moisture from your foot will cause the TP to break down. use Newspaper, or a plain sheet of paper. Wad it up and shape it to the shape of the toe of the shoe and then press it in place and test your foot. Keep adjusting until you have the right fit.

If you have a Walgreens or something nearby, Dr. Schols has a heel pad which sticks to the inside of the shoe heel which will grip your heel more tightly and give you a great fit.
Reply:double sided sticky tape works in a pinch put small piece in the heel of the shoe and it will stick to your stocking or foot

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HELP! Shoe Repair Advise?

All of my shoes need new heel taps . I am tired of taking them to get repaired because a week later the tap falls off or wears off and I'm in the same situation again. I found a site that sells the part , but I don't know which one I need.

Find the link below.

The shoes I need to repair have different heels, but I was hoping to buy just one set ( 12 pairs!) that I can use for all ( even if it needs cutting etc)

The shoes are High Heel boots ( with thin rectangular heel)

High Heel shoes ( pointy heel)

Please see this link and tell me which one you think I should buy . Picture is on right hand side


HELP! Shoe Repair Advise?
could not find what you are looking for


Are lucite heels/sandals cheap looking? In style?

Lucite heels- fashion faux pas? Ok, not stripper shoes, but I got a pair that have a kitten heel, which is a small heel, they are sandals that are clear with a silver buckle and silver sole in the footbed. I have not worn them yet.... I just can't figure out if they're in style or not.

Shoes like these:

Or these:

Some also have buckles or rhinestones on them.

Are lucite heels/sandals cheap looking? In style?
I think some details make the difference between stripper heels and some sex lucite heels... for instance take a look at mines...

I think they look fab... and everybody says that...
Reply:Fashion faux pas for sure.

Hurry take them back and get a quality shoe!

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Shoes called Kitten heels?

Why are certain womens shoes called kitten heels?

What does it mean and where did the term originate?

Shoes called Kitten heels?
Why are certain womens shoes called kitten heels?

A kitten heel is a short, slender heel, usually from 3.5 centimeters (1.5 inches) to 5 centimeters (2 inches) high with a slight curve. The style was popularized by Audrey Hepburn. Why they are called kitten heels? Probably because they aren't a meter off the ground and is easy to walk in.

What does it mean and where did the term originate?

A kitten heel is a stiletto heel of 5 centimeters or less in height; some are as low as 3 centimeters. They are classified as stiletto heels and despite their lack of height are generally classified as 'high heels' because of their sex appeal; particularly when teamed with a sharp pointed toe or long 'winklepicker' toe. This is an anomaly because a shoe or pump with regular wide heels of 3.5 centimeters high would be considered a 'flat shoe' and generally devoid of sex appeal; it is the addition of a stiletto heel, however short, that turns it into a sexual accessory.

They were introduced in the late 1950s as formal fashion attire for young adolescent teenage girls as higher heels would have been considered unseemly for girls as young as 13 because of the sexual connotations and unease of walk. They were sometimes referred to as "trainer heels" in the USA indicating their use in getting young girls used to wearing high heels. However by the early 1960s they became fashionable for older teenagers and eventually for women of all ages until the demise of the stiletto heel in the late 1960s. They emerged again in the 1980s and have become once again fashionable since 2003.
Reply:Kitten heels are the type of heel the shoe has. Its a small heel that goes in slightly at the back.

Don't know where the term came from though, sorry.
Reply:kitten heels are brilliant and comfy when you don't want high, high heels! i wear kitten heels to work a lot because i'm always on the go even though i have a desk job. i love high heels on the weekend, wearing them w/ my jeans =) oh yesssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!
Reply:its like a mini stiletto heel, dont know where it came from tho


How do you restore the black colour of heels on leather shoes?

I bought a new pair of shoes the other week for a formal do. It was a very wet and muddy evening, and unfortunately I got a great deal of mud over my shoes. When I went to clean my shoes, the mud and dirt washed off of most of the shoe except for at the heels, where some brown and grey areas formed after I'd (perhaps a bit too zealously) tried to wash off the mud. I was wondering if any one is aware of any remedies for restoring the black colour of the heels?

How do you restore the black colour of heels on leather shoes?
beleave it or not you can get heel dye from any good hardwere shop or shoe repair shop.X Cindy
Reply:something quick and cheap!! Permanent black marker!!!
Reply:I use a black felt tip pen or permanent marker. DO NOT USE ON PATENT LEATHER.
Reply:Use a leather product from the Fiebings company called EDGE-KOTE - get the Black colour (of course)

A small jar is about £4 and will last years - uts what was put on the shoes at the factory - so is the best option for not a lot of outlay
Reply:You know what, it sounds daft but black spray paint makes leather shoes look like new again. I swear, it's brilliant.
Reply:Try black felt-tipped pen.
Reply:I would grab the reciept and take them back to the shops! Dang how hard were your scrubbing? lol
Reply:Your best chance is probably to try some good quality shoe polish failing that maybe permanent marker
Reply:Absolutely positively black Sharpie!!
Reply:A shoe dye will work, I've done it with great results.
Reply:use a car product. fir dashboard shine
Reply:You can get bottles of liquid polish from any supermarket which do a fair job, they work well on my Toetectors which get scrubbed at work regularly


Shoe lifts? Where to get them? What kind to get? One shorter leg.?

My right leg is about an inch shorter... its throwing my whole body off. My pelvis, spine, and shoulders are not even. It's about an inch off. I am a 20 something female. I want a lift in only one shoe, a normal shoe... I don't usually wear openned toed shoes or "heels".

Where can I find lifts? Are there any places where I can try them on at the store? How do I get it to stay in place in my shoe? What materials should I look out for or avoid? Any other tips? :)

Shoe lifts? Where to get them? What kind to get? One shorter leg.?
First of all, have you determined if it's an anatomically short leg (meaning one of your bones is shorter, in my case it's my left femur), or a functionally short leg? If you don't know the difference, you can find a lot of information on the web, just be sure it's from a reputable source, not someone who's trying to sell you a heel lift.

Have you spoken to your doctor about this?

If your leg is anatomically short, I would start out gradually by putting a small lift inside the heel of your shoe (choose one of your shoes or boots that has some depth to it). That's because your body is currently used to having a short leg, and anything too drastic in the other direction can be hard on it, too...conventional wisdom suggests that you stop when you've built up about half of the difference, but since most of us can only accommodate about 1/4 inch discrepancy with no problem, you may want to have a bigger boost than 1/2 inch.

I have found that an external lift is more stable and less noticeable to me as I walk and stand--but I'm vain enough that I usually just go for the lift inside my shoe. Plus, with an internal lift you don't have to spend the same $$$ and you can swap your lift from one pair of shoes to another. Or, to answer your question, some heel lifts come with a strip of adhesive which helps them stay in place. I've never found that necessary, although it depends on the shoe, because if I put a full lift inside some of my loafers which are not deep enough, my foot kind of flops out of the shoe :-) and my leg isn't quite as short as yours.

One of my friends has a slightly short leg, and she likes tall high heels--I never noticed that one was "taller" than the other, until she pointed it out to me.

As for material, I'd just go to a local shoe repair shop and ask for their input. Tell them you want to start out with a lift inside your shoe to see how you like it--and while you're there, ask them what it would cost and look like to have a shoe built up on the outside. Or, for starters, you could just go to your local drug store and buy some Dr. Scholl heel lifts. I buy a generic brand, and double up on them, putting both lifts of the pair in one shoe. Again, you'll want to start out with just one though...then increase it gradually until you know you've got the right amount. You'll know because you'll see you've got a straight posture looking in the mirror--both sides of your pelvis and both shoulders will be even. It's a good feeling after years of being lopsided! :-)

Good luck!

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Is there a way to make regular heels into dance shoes?

For a musical I am in I was given a pair of silver heels to wear. They remind me of character shoes(the look) but the bottom of the shoe is NOT! They are VERY slick and I am unable to dance in them without almost taking a face plant. I wanted to wear my black character shoes but the costumer wants me to wear silver shoes. Is there anything I can put on the bottom of the shoes(like a pad or something) to make them eaiser to dance in? I really don't want to buy silver character shoes!

Is there a way to make regular heels into dance shoes?
Take a knife and VERY CAREFULLY cross-hatch the bottom of your shoes. Also, you could takes some coarse sandpaper (40-60 grit) and rough up the bottom of the shoes. I wouldn't suggest putting rubber on the bottom because then it would be too much traction. Another idea is to find some of the black tape that studios use to tape down marley. It's basically vinyl tape.

Here's a website about the tape:

Just find some and tape the bottom of your shoes. It should provide some sort of traction.

You should probably also get some gel insets for the bottom of your shoes if you'll be dancing in them. :)

Good luck!
Reply:Just get some metallic spraypaint and paint your black character shoes.

You'll have to get new character shoes the next time you need black ones, though....
Reply:You can get the shoemaker to put non-slick soles on your shoes, or you might try spray painting your silver character shoes. Sometimes designers can be very silly about things like that - but putting a dancer in slipper shoes is not the smartest move in the world......
Reply:Did you try scuffing them up really well on concrete??? Or maybe masking tape or something to that effect?
Reply:You can go to a shoe repair shop (kinda hard to find, ask around) and they can usually put rubber on the bottom. There is one called Tulle's but I'm pretty sure it isn't a chain. I think they melt it on somehow, but I'm not sure. I wouldn't recommend trying it yourself because that could be even more dangerous if it comes off, and you could get too grippy with it so you can't turn. Sooo, check the phonebook, yellow pages, etc. for shoe repair shops and take the shoes there. I think it costs $20 or less. Good luck in your show! I just finished West Side Story myself.

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Why do gorgeous shoes always have high heels?

why is it that you always get gorgeous shoes in high heels - i am quite tall and would love to wear nice shoes with not so high heels but i cant find any. sandals, boots peep toe shoes - i just cant find any gorgeous ones that have small heels. i cant really walk in heels - i would like to learn though - any tips? i feel that wearing heels makes my legs too long and they are quite thin so its not a very good look.

Why do gorgeous shoes always have high heels?
I just did a quick search on eBay and found a bunch of really pretty flats:

Hope that helps.
Reply:I know. I love heels (and I'm short), but sometimes I just want to find a pair of flats that I like. Heels are nice, but for what I do, they're not always practical.

However, this site is nice.
Reply:It's the men who like to keep women 'hobbled' and unable to walk properly who design them!
Reply:go and ask this ques. to the one who makes these shoes....
Reply:They have High Heels because the shoes wouldn't be gorgeous with out the heels!!!!!!

Im around 5'9 and loooooooooove shoes. I'm a bif fan of killer heels! They hurt your feet but after all pain is beauty!!

I started with small meadium heels and work your way up to the bigger ones! Soon enough you wont feel the difference!
Reply:Oh my! I wish I could complain that my legs looked too long... I wear heels all the time and the only way to learn how to walk in them is practise, practise in the house by a mirror where noone can see you, but you can check your posture. Start with high boots as they are easier to walk in.

Long thin legs is such a good look, look at Kate Moss, Mischa Barton, Paris Hilton... the list is endless. Lucky you!!!
Reply:because they are very sexy
Reply:I would go for a wedge heel in cork or alike. They need to be chunky enough to make your legs look their best without making your legs look even smaller!

Teamed with lovely fitting jeans, i think you will look fab and still be able to walk!
Reply:I think shoes are made with high heels as they tend to make legs look longer and more elegant, and apparently they also tip a woman's centre of gravity which makes you walk in a more sexy way...

If you already have long legs then I can see that this would be annoying! Have you tried wedge heels? They are usually very comfortable, and easy to walk in. Also, there are quite a lot of shoes around at the moment with smaller "kitten" heels, so you could look out for those.

The Office website is quite good, as you can look at all of their shoes by heel size (low, med and high) -
Reply:Because people who make them want us to be in pain!!!

they want to see us walk around in agony!
Reply:because it makes it look sexier. im tall too and i wear high heels. i love them and they look great. try seatching some shoes sites for kitten (baby) heels (thats the samll heels).

um i like
Reply:because.................................... do
Reply:heck, i bet your legs look good anytime, in any shoe....

long legs are the best. :-)
Reply:I know how you feel I am 5'7 and always have to wear heels if they are cute shoes. Sometimes the flats are ugly and have no style whatsoever. I guess we are stuck with wearing heels all the time. Good Luck.
Reply:They dont anymore - this year the big thing seems to be these little ballet style pumps and you can get them in so many different styles and there gorgeous.

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What is it called when called when a person walks over the heels/sides of their shoes. Can it be corrected?

The outside heel of shoe is really uneven and worn down compared to the inside heel. And sometimes the back of the shoe is worn down around the heel of the foot on the outer part.

What is it called when called when a person walks over the heels/sides of their shoes. Can it be corrected?
you might be could go see a podiatrist to get it correctecd

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I have just found a brand new high heel court shoe out side my local train station should i make a poster like

it was a lost cat or dog saying

i have found court shoe with a 4inch heel woud the owner contact me please

what do you think

I have just found a brand new high heel court shoe out side my local train station should i make a poster like
Gawd, hope it isn't the twin to my shoe!
Reply:Yes stick it
Reply:i would lol
Reply:I would give it to someone who works at the train station. They probably have a lost and found.
Reply:Go find Cinderella! It might be your lucky day! heh!heh!


Heels/ballet flat shoes problem!?

are there any places that can get shoes specially made for you? i have huge problems when it comes to buying heels and ballet flat shoes. my feet is small but wide, so that makes it really hard for me to buy heels because they make the soles narrow. ballet flat shoes are another problem for me. im a size 6, when i try on a size 6 of that shoe (which is the smallest size), it won't fit me because my feet are too small (meaning its short)so it won't ft the entire shoe! plz help!

Heels/ballet flat shoes problem!?
try to find ones that are like, 6wide. they'll hav a w next to the size. i doubt if there's such a thing as a shoe maker now!
Reply:You should go to TORRID

They make shoes for people with wider feet =] Report It

Reply:keep trying you'll definately find one****

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Help ! where can i find heels that are 1-2 inches?

preferably opened toed BLACK sexy shoes.

heel height: 1-2 inches.

please give me some pictures or something, i dont want a bunch of brand names throwing at me.

thanks girls !

Help ! where can i find heels that are 1-2 inches?
go to you can narrow your search by heel height, color and they also have a category for open toe/peeptoe. good luck!
Reply:Well, I know a website. I'm pretty sure has heels.

Or, if your feeling lucky, go to


Ladies ! where can i find heels that are 1-2 inches?

preferably opened toed BLACK sexy shoes.

heel height: 1-2 inches.

please give me some pictures or something, i dont want a bunch of brand names throwing at me.

thanks girls !

Ladies ! where can i find heels that are 1-2 inches?

these are cute^^^

sold at macys

Reply:I think DSW as the biggest range of them:

I can't find any pictures since DSW doesn't have item search.


Reply:Ok let me tell you lol...Payless has the cutest open toed heels and the heel is not at all too high....

go there and see if they have them might have to go a Payless store to find them though...they are comfy and very sexy.

sorry ps...haha they are the Jansen peep toed shoe.
Reply:Its hard to find heels that are as low as you are asking for. I usually like at least 3inches.

Is this something you might like?

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What are some REALLY high heeled designer shoe brands? Like Christian Louboutin, Dsquared2..?

I want to know some brands of designer shoes ( %26gt;$200 pair) that have heels that are normally very very skinny and more than 4 inches in height. Like Christian Louboutin %26amp; Dsquared2.. Some Givenchy..

What are some REALLY high heeled designer shoe brands? Like Christian Louboutin, Dsquared2..?
Yves Saint Laurent, Roger Vivier, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Salvatore Ferragamo, etc. Ferragamo, Vivier, Choo and Blahnik specialize in shoes so look there for sure!
Reply:Here are some
Reply:guess has incredibly cute high heels.
Reply:betsy johnson are cute tooo!! i have like 2 pairs of her shoes

same with marc jacobs

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LADIES ~ Where is the best place to BUY HIGH HEEL SHOES? What size shoe do you wear? Do you go up a size?

when you buy heels?

LADIES ~ Where is the best place to BUY HIGH HEEL SHOES? What size shoe do you wear? Do you go up a size?
for gorgeous high heels...

manolo blahnik..laboutin..choo.

any good dept store in manhattan.

saks..barneys..bergdorf goodman..

if a shoe is well cut you don't have to up a size.
Reply:I wear anything from size 10 to 11. I go up a size. I wear womens size 11 or 12!!! I go to Payless in is really cheap there!!!


Does anyone know a shoe store that customizes in high heel shoes for people that have really small feet ....?

for their age

Im 19 and i wear a size 4 children shoe Thanks for your help

Does anyone know a shoe store that customizes in high heel shoes for people that have really small feet ....?
Good Luck

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I just got a high heeled shoe and I need just one more hole on the strap. How do I make a hole on the strap?

I can't go a size up because it'll be to big it's only on one shoe one foot is smaller than the other

I just got a high heeled shoe and I need just one more hole on the strap. How do I make a hole on the strap?
I start by marking the hole and insterting a straight pin. I work the pin in a circle to widen the hole. Then I insert the latch. If the hole doesnt get big enough from the pin then I use something larger like a nail. It works everytime without ruining the strap of the shoe and without making the hole too big.
Reply:take a long needle, heat it, then poke it through. should go through nice and easy.
Reply:a little nail; try to get one that is the same size as the hole you have..tap it through..

it works ...I've done it myself

good luck!
Reply:to avoid much hassle, just bring your shoe to the cobbler and tell him that you need a hole on the strap. it's not expensive.... if not, most shoe shop would have the equipment to either enlarge the shoe(if enlarge-able) or puncture holes. so before you leave the shop after your purchase, you can also ask the shop assistant to do it for you.
Reply:lw had the right answer or the other guy too but if you are like me too lazy to go thru all that, take a meat fork and poke it thru the strap. lol it does work!
Reply:Just use a drill with a small drill bit to bore the hole where you think it should be.
Reply:If you really love the shoes - spend a few dollars and take to a cobbler and get it done correctly. Doing it yourself could mess them up!
Reply:Punch awl; or spend a buck and shoemaker
Reply:My mom always used to take a skinny like ice pick you would use for the ice in the freezer and stuck it on the strap where the extra hole needed to be and tapped it a little for it to go through
Reply:Take some clay and put it underneath the strap. Then cut a little hole with skissors, and widen it with a small nail.

(did I say skissors instead of scissors?)
Reply:Place the strap on a piece of wood. Take a nail of the right size and poke it through the strap with a hammer. Pretty easy.
Reply:Look, you didn't spend money on shoes to make a hole by knifes or other items that would damage the shoes and probably make a torn looking hole. What you can do is go to a shoe repair shop or a clothing shops that sells belts and they have a tool that can do this perfectly and most of the time for little or no cost.
Reply:use a knife or poke it with something
Reply:If you have an eyeglass kit with the small screwdriver, use that. Press it against carpeted floor or a mattress and poke through it.

If you don't have a small screwdriver, try using a fork, or even a safetly pin. Once you make the hole, put the strap on in the hole just to make it larger.

Hope this helped ya some.
Reply:take a knife and poke a hole but be careful please, or use siccors
Reply:you could use a belt punch if you hav one or no anyone with one!

Or you could try a sharp kitchen kn ife lay the strap on a table %26amp; just push it thro wher it needs to go!

If that doesnt work take it to a shoe repair or key cutting place %26amp; they should be able to do it for you!! good luck!
Reply:A very tiny screwdriver will do this, or you can use a TINY drill bit, you have to make sure the strp is not wiggling all over if you are using a drill. You may be able to screw the drill bit through the strap, depending upon your own strength.
Reply:take it to a shoe repair place. you will not ruin the shoe that way.

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Is it possible to get the heel of a "high heeled shoe" shaved down???

I have a pair of high heels, and the heel is 3 and 3/4 inches tall.i would like to know is it possible to get the heel "shaved down" so that I can walk in them with comfort.

Is it possible to get the heel of a "high heeled shoe" shaved down???
why would you want to? the higher the better!
Reply:yes it is possible take them to a shoe repair place and they can shave it down to at least to 3and 1/2 inches
Reply:sorry but no
Reply:im not sure
Reply:If you walk around in high heels long enough, the heel usually does get shaved down! my friend and i went to new york city and she wore high heeled boots. by the end of the trip, the heel had shrunk!

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To wear high heels or not to wear high heel shoes?

My mom got me to thinking , should I wear high heels or not. I feel comformable in them. But I got to thinking ,since I'm a little over weight, would it make me look bad or fatter?

To wear high heels or not to wear high heel shoes?
Heels are a girl's best friend in terms of elongating your legs, NOT making you look fatter. Look for a pointed toe and your legs will look a mile long.
Reply:nope. just make sure they're proportional. Like, dont walk around in a dainty little stilleto... go for more of a wedge heel they'll balance you out more. however, you can wear heels other than wedges, too. pointy toes look good cause they make your legs longer, especially with pants/jeans/trousers/.

have fun shoe shopping! :)
Reply:I think heels look hot on anyone. I guess as long as you feel comfortable in them hey I dont see why not!
Reply:no i'd wear them who says they are for

slim people only i wear them almost everyday
Reply:Well it depends. If your a LITTLE OVERWEIGHT, your fine. You know the girl from hairspray was fat? Well she looked pretty good in high heels. So you may look nice in them

So my answer is: Wear hih heels
Reply:NO! Don't think down on your self because your little over weight heels will do wonders for all body types. I'm chubby in my mid-section and my Bf loves when i wear heels. If you feel comfortable then wear them no matter what anyone says remember having pride in how you look comes across and impresses people. :) If you feel pretty then you are pretty :)


P.S. Heels won't make you look fatter
Reply:Well if you are big in the figure try kitten heels or flats but is you are moderate in weight and height, just wear them. I try to wear high heels but they are so uncomfortable on my feet. How can they be so comfortable?
Reply:Ummm no how would it make you look fatter

i think any high heels look fine as long as you wear it with the right thing!
Reply:wear heels

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Is there a comfortable heeled shoe out there?

I have tried to wear heels but they just hurt my feet. Is it someting you have to get used to wearing? Or should I just stick to flats?

Is there a comfortable heeled shoe out there?
Personally, I would stick with flats. There are so many cute shoes out there that I am sure you could find a cute pair to go with just about any outfit in your wardrobe. Target has great flats and so does Payless Shoes.
Reply:When you find one pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese let me know, i cant seem to find one in my country.
Reply:Use jellin when you are wearing heels.
Reply:Try a shoe with a thinker heel or wedge. Also, don't buy shoes at Target/Payless/ect, try to buy shoes at someplace like Bakers/Aldo/ect because they are padded and more comfortable.

As for really comforable, if you find one, let me know!
Reply:Dr. Sholes or whatever its called
Reply:I read an article about Taryn Rose, this foot surgeon who makes comfortable high heels. Try her website.

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Anybody remembers the name of the shoe store featured in America's Next Top Model in New York City?

anybody remembers the name of the shoe store featured in America's Next Top Model in New York City? It was a few seasons ago, and the girls shopped for high heels shoes and were late for a "go-see"... Im going to NYC and that store looked really cool.. please

Anybody remembers the name of the shoe store featured in America's Next Top Model in New York City?
I remember that episode and those beautiful shoes.
Reply:Ooh! That's the one where Amanda forgot her shoes or something and everyone went with her and they were late and stuff. I can't remember the name but I hope you find it!


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If i take off the heel of a high heeled shoe, will the shoe still be wearable without the heel?

ie would it, with a little wear, be able to be worn as a flat shoe?

If i take off the heel of a high heeled shoe, will the shoe still be wearable without the heel?
No; there is still a strong arch in the shoe. It would act as a high heeled shoe without the heel.
Reply:Probably not.
Reply:NO because of the shape
Reply:def not.. there is still an arch in heels and you will kill your feet.

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Sweaty feet results in crushed toes/pain when wearing heels - solutions?

I have trouble wearing heels - even low ones - because my feet sweat so much that they slide forward and my toes are perpetually crushed against the front of the shoe. I am wondering what I can do to solve this issue and if there are any particular styles of heeled shoes that may relieve the pain.

Sweaty feet results in crushed toes/pain when wearing heels - solutions?
I would try a square or wide round-toed shoe and avoid any that are pointy.

Baby powder works well at absorbing moisture, but it's also slippery and may cause your feet to slide forward, so I would also get an insole like a Dr. Scholl's Odor-Eaters for instance to help keep your feet dry and in place.

Also, ballet flats are in right now, so you might take advantage of that trend to give your feet a break.
Reply:comfort soles. that will stop them from sliding forward. foot powder in shoes of socks.
Reply:try rubbing your soles with anti-perspirant for armpits. Not deodarant but actual anti-perspirant. It works!!
Reply:get a rubber insole for grip. or a like a fabricish sole, it may grip and absorb exess moisture. There are someade for high heels. or just buy regular ones you think will work and cut them to fit.

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Trying to find picture of ski pants from 1980's. straight trouser legs, elastixc strap to go under shoe heel

we need a picture for a school project, can any one let me know if this is the right name / spellnig ro where i can get a picture?

Trying to find picture of ski pants from 1980's. straight trouser legs, elastixc strap to go under shoe heel
hey hey! they were awful.

I have found one site, i will look for more!
Reply:Just an FYI they were called Stirup Ski Pants. If you search google with that you will come up with multiple pictures
Reply:Blimey - ski pants - that takes me back... Have you tried a search on the internet? How about ebay?
Reply:Here you go...
Reply:try looking for an old fashion magazine like womans own (from the 80's) or hello, and others
Reply:Took me a while but here you go

If link doesn't work search google Images for leggings if its not on 1st page just keep scrolling
Reply:try looking for jodpurs thats the original name for them good luck i only saw o woman outside a fish shop with a pair on the other day haha poor old girl if i see her again al get a pic for you lol


Walking in heels without too much pain?

Silly trivial question but - will a chunky high heel shoe be less painful to wear for longish periods than my stiletto heels?

Walking in heels without too much pain?
I can vouch...

yes, I have worn heels for a while with a great deal of pain after a while.

However i recently bought some with a chunkier heel.

no problems whatsoever yay. :)
Reply:Well, actually... I guess so.

To me, they feel the same!
Reply:That is just one of the things that contribute to the comfort of a pair of shoes. 1st u need the proper size. Hell height never really plays a role in shoe comfort for me unless it is to low!
Reply:Yes. The thing about stilettos is that the design puts a lot of pressure/weight on the ball of your foot, which is why they hurt so much after a few hours of wear. What you can do though is go with a slightly chunkier heel as it'll distribute the weight more evenly on your foot. Just because a heel is a little thicker doesn't mean the shoe or boot can't be super stylish! I've got a pair of Miu Miu boots that have a thicker heel and they're as cool as my stiletto Jimmy Choos!
Reply:yes but if u want to wear the stilettos than just get gellin! those work great! they have special one 4 heels!!!

i dont think so but try it


Why do shoes have heels?

Even many mens shoes have a small heel - is it purely for fashion or does it help posture or something as well?

Why do shoes have heels?
My guess? It was maybe to keep feet in stirrups, or to keep the shoe from wearing out. Most of your weight is on the heel, so additional layers of leather would help it wear longer.
Reply:It looks good on girls - standing on tip-toes in heels makes women's legs look longer, which is something that is attractive, and it makes them arch their back more, which is also a good thing.

I understand they're not that comfortable, but women have always suffered for their beauty! I think it's also a western thing, because in China, they used to (and still do in some places) bind women's feet so they were small, and danty, and they never wore heals, just flat ballerina-type shoes.

All in all, it's because it looks good. Flat feet give an impression of sloth, or lack of confidence. But a women wearing pointy shoes, standing tall on her toes gives an athletic, ready-for-action, graceful, and light quality. I think that's the idea.
Reply:Heels are there to cause even more discomfort for the wearer. Go BAREFOOT it is much better, much more comfortable, healthy and within the law.
Reply:It could be because the back of the shoe would wear out in days if were not for the reinforced bit (heel) on the back.
Reply:Its suppose to help posture
Reply:Originally when shoes were invented, by ancient cretan fishermen, they had eels, but over time they have changed to heels.
Reply:because when we walk, our body weight and force are exerted on the heel. To prevent wear from constant pressure and pain due to wear out of shoes (without heels) to the sole, shoess are implemented with heels.
Reply:It's supposed to spread the weight evenly over the foot because there is supposed to be more pressure at the bottom of our heel where the weight is concentrated. However I find ridiculous stiletto designs kill your feet no matter what you be honest I either go barefoot %26lt;333 or wear my booots =D I even have a high heeled pair that are soooo comfy.
Reply:So you can go CLIP-CLOP!
Reply:Shoes are not designed to fit feet, but to encourage our evolution into flying creatures; see Shoe Event Horizion HHGTTG book 2, Restaurant at the end of the universe - douglas Adams
Reply:because short women want to look taller
Reply:dunno never wear them,i like my flatties i can walk quicker

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How do you judge whether a pair of heels is a good fit or not?

Hi All,

I just bought a pair of heels I adore. I noticed that the inner part of the foot is not supported by the sole of the shoe.

I've wearing these pair of heels around the house to see if there's discomfort, so far it's been 1 1/2 hours and it's okay

Ideally i'd like to be able to wear them for the whole day at work.

How do you judge whether a pair of high heeled shoes is a good fit?


How do you judge whether a pair of heels is a good fit or not?
what you're doing is good!

Try walking on different types of ground. (carpet,tile,wood).

Also, you can try walking outside with your shoes just for a little 10 minutes walk , and see how it goes.

When you wear you shoes to the office, maybe you should bring spare shoes with you, so that if your shoes doesn't fit, you can wear your spare comfortable shoe on X) !!
Reply:heels r for fashion not nfor comfort: however if u like them a lot so u can use it for whole day if ur walking o a carpet floor other wise its not good to use specailly if u have a feild job to do
Reply:Wear them around the house on carpet, see how long it takes for them to bother your feet and make sure you can walk in them.
Reply:Well it usually take time to break into them. My last heels hurted my feet the first time I wore them. I got blisters and my feet was really sore. After that, never had any problems.

It also depends.

I've heard also that if it's expensive, name brand heels, it's a better design for your feet. I think that's true too.

I hope that helps.
Reply:Just keep doing what you are doing!!

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Men fetishise the foot, women fetishise the shoe?

I once heard a theory that high heels were invented by a foot fetishist, due to the way they make feet look, and as a sort of 'bondage' for feet.

But when I see a woman ogling heels in a shoe-shop window, it seems to me that she is more interested in the shoes (or having possession of the shoes) than she is in the whole foot aspect.

So what do you think, are men and women going at this from completely different angles, and what is it that you like about high heeled shoes, or why do people like them so much? :-)

Men fetishise the foot, women fetishise the shoe?
I've run across a sexual subculture of men who seem to fetishize the shoe itself, either instead of or in addition to the foot. Specifically, some of them seem to really like it when a woman lets her shoe dangle from her toes, and others seem to really like the idea of seeing a shoe that has accidentally fallen off of the foot. Google "shoe dangling" and you'll find a few sites.

Dunno if that's what you wanted, but it's interesting. =) As for myself, I do like high heeled shoes, not on me but on other people. I like the shape it gives to the leg overall.
Reply:I'm thinking men fetishise (I'll buy it) women's feet because it's a part of a woman's body that is very rarely exposed, except in the summer, but even then she's usually wearing something on them. They are something females are often self-conscious about as well. Therefore, since we don't get to see them often, it's a treat when we do.

Note: Foot fetishes don't happen with anywhere near the frequency in Island cultures. I can only assume there's no stigma to something you see every day.

Why do chicks have a thing for shoes? I don't know...
Reply:ugg I hate wearing them but to me they are pretty on some women.

I don't know who invented them and doesn't really matter to me but hey if you like it wear it.

Men I think like them because it does add more attention to the external beauty of a foot and women.. I don't know the answer for that one. Maybe for the same reason as guys.
Reply:It's actually how heels make the LEG look that's at the heart of their appeal to men.

Most men do not have foot fetishes.

Women's obsession with heels isn't due to the shoes being a sexual turn-on (at least, not to most who have such an obsession).

I can't bear to wear the things. I've never crushed my feet, so they're excruciating, and I can't even stand, let alone walk in the crazy things without risking breaking my neck.
Reply:wtf is that all about I mean wtf is that all about?????

I don't think men in general have this fantasy. I mean have you seen most women's feet after they've tried to squeeze them into high heels two sizes to small for them?? Not a pretty site in my opinion.

I can think of a few much sexier areas of interest about the female body.
Reply:if it's a part of a woman's body, there will be some man who "fetishes" it.

Or, in the vernacular of the younger generation, if it exists, it can be p0rned

I can't explain the OCD surrounding women and shoes; better to speak to a psychologist
Reply:I don't know, I like heels and all sorts of cute little totally impractical shoes, but alas I just don't have the body for a set of stilettos.

As a man I must stay satisfied admiring the way a beautiful set of heels makes a womans legs look, so fit.
Reply:Heels look great on a woman, from a leg and backside perspective. I am against them though because they destroy feet.

I am a foot fetishist.
Reply:Fetishise is a word, yes.

Two things: 1. Foot fetishists are weird. 2. Women are stupid for wearing high heels.
Reply:A once semi-famous New Yorker known for simply being known, Ms. Diane Brill , wrote a book, titled something like "Babes, Boobs, and High Heels", or something of that order. She, being a big girl and proud of it, described on TV what high heels do for a woman, and referred to them as push-up bras for the feet. Yes we men go at high heels from our own angle. But it wasn't until a rather curvaceous woman told me that they hurt, but are worn because we men like them.

As Ms. Brill described, they give a woman's back some arch, and create a graceful line and arch from the spine, pass the behind, to the legs and ultimately shoes, black preferred. Most ladies have nice legs. And with the line, curves, arches, and angles created with high heels, look out !!!!!
Reply:I have always noted this myself. I have a bit of a foot thing, so this is a topic I have put some thought into. People claim to think feet are disgusting, but pedicures, foot jewelry, and strappy shoes are all the rage. All this attention to the feet is interesting if people really do think feet are nasty. I think high-heel shoes became popular because they offer a nice shape to the legs since it flexes the calf muscles. They also provide hight and make the legs look longer, which is something considered attractive in our society. In fact, women who wear them all the time end up getting nasty feet with bunions and callouses. It could be an offshoot of the foot-binding that was popular in the orient.

Reading over some of these answers, I recall a time when the notion of the foot fetish was considered completely bizarre. I saw an episode of Maury Povich several years ago where they had a fellow on there with a foot fetish and you'd have thought he had two heads and four arms and liked sex with dead bodies. Now, it is basically seen as a fairly common and socially accepted reality. Even Playboy published a couple of special issues on it. Just an interesting point (to me at least).
Reply:On a psychological level what would cause a man obsess over feet? It's just a really random part of the body, yet it's a pretty common fetish. Why not the pinky finger, elbows, or the arm pit? I dont think feet are nasty(when taken care of).......but how are they related to sexuality? Hips, tit's and butts...those make sense....but feet?

Women and least makes some sense. The majority of women collect something. Also it's socially encouraged to have a large collection of shoes and the stuff to go with every single outfit. Been this way for years, so daughters are taught by their mothers and friends they have to have, need to have all this have a complete outfit/to be fashionable/to be beautiful. From this point it's only a step away from an obsession and collection.

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Do British girls get embarrassed by wearing 5" to 6" heels for normal day wear?

Having just returned from Latvia, most women aged between 16 and 50 are wearing wedge heels or wooden mules with heels around 4" to 6". These are worn as normal day wear and they appear to walk normally around cobbled streets and unmade paths as if they were wearing flat shoes. In fact it was hard to spot any flat or low heeled shoes being worn at all. I must admit that I love the higher heel and so long as I can walk in the shoe, I will wear them. What do you think ?

Do British girls get embarrassed by wearing 5" to 6" heels for normal day wear?
im addicted to heels i got 5-6 " heels on all my shoes n im used to them now. if i trip its probably gonna be once a week but thats it! im naturall short and wearing em make me look average so pppl wont stare at me unless they see my shoes =D
Reply:when i worked in nursing the elderly i used to cringe at the damage high heels have done to their feet.I agree they look great and if i could get away with wearing them all the time apart from when i have a nite out i would.However they arent so comfortable and cause bunions,aswell as deformed toes,and do lead to causing walking problems when you get older.I think kitten heels and pretty shoes for the day look nice,and theres no way i could walk around cobbled streets in 5 inch heels every day.

Good luck to anyone who masters it!!!
Reply:It's up to you if you feel comftable wearing them every day and can work normally in them then wear them but let me worn you they will damage your achillies tendon in the long term which means you may not be able to walk in flats after a few years of walking in very high heels constantly.

But, it's your body and the final descion is up to you.
Reply:I personally cannot wear any heels of any form of shape over 4 inches. It is tragic for me, as I would love to but my feet will not allow it, I am afraid! And as for cobbled streets - I value my legs and do not want to break them for the sake of fashion!
Reply:I'm English and I love to wear my 4inch heel biker-babe, black leather boots????? hehehe :)

Those of us that can wear them - and walk in them, (like you), know how 'cool' they are - and how easy it is for the opposite sex to be errrrrr, shall we say, 'impressed' by them - see, thing is, for us 'real' women, that doesn't matter, all we are 'impressed' with is how 'gooooood' it feels to look so good in them............ lol!
Reply:No 5-6" heels are very popular at the mo. Not just in the studio but a lot of girls in London wear them.

J x
Reply:Heels are good but not on cobbled streets! I wonder how many ankles are intact?
Reply:sounds okay if you get nice shoes and are capable of wearing them without twisting your ankle (which is really painful, really really painful, 'never wear heels again my ankle hurts so much' painful). long term they can have some adverse affects on the soft and hard tissues of the ankle, foot and calf, i've heard about the tendon up the back of the heel permanently shortening from wearing heels too often, but those people wore heels everyday for decades. they should be fine as long as you make sure to also wear some flat shoes sometimes, or sneakers/trainers.
Reply:i used to work as a dancer for big shows and things and had to practically runa round stage in heels i find i trip more and feel uneasy in flats now i wear heels about 5 days a week im just more comfortable that way
Reply:You like asking questions about ladies heels don't you?

Do you never think to get some form of help or counseliing?


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High heels with very slippery sole - I slide when I walk on carpet. How to fix this?

Hello, I just purchased some lovely high heels shoes. Unfortunately, the sole on the ball of the shoe is really slippery, I slide when I walk on carpet and it is not much better on tiles or floorboards. Can I do something to fix this? Like some coarse sand paper? Or should I leave it with the professionals and get a shoe repairer to fix it.


High heels with very slippery sole - I slide when I walk on carpet. How to fix this?
I had this problem with a pair of stilettos i bought.

Take them to the shoe repair place, get them to replace the bottom part of your shoe with rubber.

You can't tell anything is different, it still looks really good and its so super grippy you can run in them!
Reply:Bring them to a shoe repair place and they'll put on a rubber sole for you. It's pretty inexpensive too. My sister did this with a pair of boots and it helps a lot. I wouldn't advise sandpaper - I used to work in a shoe shop and saw one or two girls that did that and it doesn't really work, it just roughens the appearance a bit.
Reply:If you look in the shoe section, they have various things that will fix this. The little tap like things that are nailed on, like Target. One of my friends swears by taping them...gorilla glue tape, in the hardware section..LOL

If in doubt go and visit the shoe repair and ask about options.

Hope this helps : )
Reply:There's no need to mess with sandpaper. The first thing to do is just to walk around on a not-too-polished concrete surface for a little while, like a regular sidewalk, occasionally perhaps doing a little pirouette on the offending ball of your foot. If that doesn't work, THEN do the more drastic things.
Reply:Option 1 is to make the soles rougher with sand paper, a file or course flooring etc. Option 2 is for a tailors or shoe shop to add rubber soles.
Reply:You can buy self-stick sole grippers for a quick fix. It helps with the sliding on new shoes before you really break them in.
Reply:I've had the same problem with my shoes. Bakers Shoes has awesome adhesive, non-slip pads. You attach them to the bottom of your shoes and viola! They work miracles. They're inexpensive too.

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Does anyone know where to find high heels and other cute shoes for people with small feet?

I am 15 and i have a size 2 shoe. I will not be growing anymore at all so i am stuck with these small feet and i was wondering if anyone knows where to get small shoes like high heels. I keep thinking about the future and my job and how I'm going to have to dress up and I don't want to be stuck with shoes from the kids section. If anyone knows of a good store or website please let me know, thanks.

Does anyone know where to find high heels and other cute shoes for people with small feet?
i have the same problem except mine is a bit bigger than urs, but i`ve noticed that i can fit into high heels that are a size too big . . . oh and i think that u might grow a bit more . . . ur only 15 . . .
Reply:Wow! Those are tiny feet. I wear a size three in kids and my heels are a size five. I usually find them at Shi or Aldo! Good luck!
Reply:go to european and asian stores!
Reply:try this site they have alot to choose from hope i can help

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Does any lady like to be destructive while wearing her high heels?

I noticed a lady in a shoe shop the other day. She was part of the staff. She was tearing shoe boxes apart very loudly and making lots of small pieces. She was wearing four inch heels too which she moved around as she stood. She seemed to be enjoying tearing the boxes as she was laughing and joking with another member of staff. Do any other ladies like to break or tear things while they are wearing their heels. Does wearing the heels make you feel more powerful or confident to do that?

Another female member of staff joined her to help with the boxes. This member of staff was wearing 1/2 inch heel shoes and she merely pulled down each corner off the box to make them stack flat. The staff member with the heels was ripping the boxes into small pieces and being much more destructive. Do you think this was to do with the shoes?

Does any lady like to be destructive while wearing her high heels?
you have a high heeled shoe fetish. i equally enjoy breaking stuff in bare feet or high heels. I think you are obsessing too much. seek therapy.
Reply:Not at all.... Maybe she was just enjoying her job of breaking down boxes.
Reply:Lol ur funny!


Shoe fitting- I have bought lots of pumps online and they are too big in the heel. How do I fix it so they fit

I wear a size 7 shoe so thats what I ordered. Every pair fits the same - they are big in the heel and slip off the back of my feet. Some of them have a piece of elastic in the heel that helps a little, but just not enough. I have spent a lot of money on these shoes and I want to wear them. They are all pump style shoes with high heels.

Shoe fitting- I have bought lots of pumps online and they are too big in the heel. How do I fix it so they fit
try the heavenly heelz from foot petals. they also have tons of tips on other products to help with fit of any type of shoe. i have to use these in a few of my heels that have gotten bigger with wear.

next time I would send them back and buy a half size smaller maybe?
Reply:They sell non-slip heel pads and gel strips at most drug stores and places like Target.
Reply:take them to a shoe shop that reapirs shoes they'llhelp you oyt with that
Reply:Send them back and get smaller sizes. there is no way to make them fit and if you try you only end up causing foot probelms for yourself. Any professional shoe person will tell you that good fitting is the key to good shoes.
Reply:yeah, I've done the same thing :/ And I've yet to find a cheap way to fix them. Sorry!
Reply:Instead of shopping online, go to the actual store so you can try it on and see how it feels, The store might even have a bigger variety then online!


Where can i find these heels in white:

they are the black ones on page 2: Sarah-Jayne Reeve

but i want to find them in white

Where can i find these heels in white:
try macys

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I wear a size 4 or a 4.5 in shoes where can i find dressy shoes, heels, wedges at??

small feet, shoes

I wear a size 4 or a 4.5 in shoes where can i find dressy shoes, heels, wedges at??
I also wear a size 4 or 4.5. and sell smaller shoes. You can also try

Also, I found some nice wedges at Target. They were a size 5, but they fit.
Reply:I am at the opposite end of the spectrum, I wear an 11 wide and all I can find are nurses shoes or crappy looking tennis shoes in my size. I sympathize with you and am sure there is some place out there that caters to that size. I am wondering (for myself) where drag queens get their shoes. When I buy shoes, I usually wind up in the men's dept buying something dykey looking.

Good luck!


PS I know, not much of an answer, just understanding.
Reply:go to
Reply:which brands you likes?

here more products hope you like it you can check it


I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is a weight limit on shoes especially heels?

I know it sounds kinda stupid but i was just wondering how much weight high heeled shoes can take. I know you probably wouldn't see a 400lb lady in stilletos(but then again...)but I am on the fuller figured size and just wanted to avoid any future mishaps!

I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is a weight limit on shoes especially heels?
depends on the height and thiknes of the heel. but for most its not supposed to be more than 200 lbs. if you are bigger than that you can go to a shoe Taylor and have the heels reinforced for your safety.

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Now i know the year the wrens first wore courtshoes do us navy women wear big high heels or low heeled shoes?

american navy women seem to wear very high heeled shoes

what is regulation height and colour how do you march in them? and how do keep the shine? what isthe best shoes for parade ? and can you keep your balance? how many shoes do you have? and what are they all used for ?

Now i know the year the wrens first wore courtshoes do us navy women wear big high heels or low heeled shoes?
Your question has bugged me all day due to computer problems and the nature of your question. The answer is Both Heels %26amp; Flats are worn by Navy Females. It depends on the uniform (working, service, Dress, Formal dress, Dinner dress). This is spelled out in Navy uniform regs. 3501-54 thru 58.
Reply:USN issue pumps for enlisted are abt. 2". I have never seen them "REQUIRED." They are OPTIONAL. There are flats which can be worn. I believe its cmd specific for sea-bag insp. They are not req’d aboard ship. It's a safety thing. Review uniform regs. above. Did over 10 years and lead many females. Report It

Reply:low hills and combat boots for marching spit shining Will keep them mirror looking
Reply:Stilettos for the Wardroom and shore bases.

Issue flats for marching.

Combat highs for playing with the Marines.

Steaming bats for on board ship.

Parade gloss shoe polish to keep them shiny. Loads of patience and elbow grease.

Steaming bats and combats were not required to be too shiny.

(Don't want snipers identifying you by your shiny combat highs...)
Reply:the info is in your blue jackets manual under uniforms the shoes are black at all times and a reasonable heel go to the uniform shop they will have the right shoes
Reply:low heeled
Reply:take them to the painters and get them painted with flexane (the paint they use on a tornado nose cowling (they should be able to get their hands on some and might cost you a packet of digestives and a box of t-bags) it makes your shoes very shiny and it can flex without cracking. as for the height and other stuff i couldnt tell. of course this all depends on if they're made of patent leather or not.


What's the latest fashion for shoes(heels)?

like is it peep-toe or some other types. pictures for references would be better. thanks.

What's the latest fashion for shoes(heels)?
The next big thing this year is unusual heels, whether they be block heels with cut-outs, or shaped stiletto's, the shape of the heel is the catch this year x
Reply:high heels, thick heels, wrapped or wifout wrapped up at the toes look great...bold chilly red...

strapped heels with opened toes...oso look cool lately...
Reply:peep toe wedge heels and kitten heels.
Reply:high heel pumps